Embark on a creative journey amidst the majesty of the Hindu Kush Mountains

Open call for summer 2024
Residency from May 18th – 25th


Promoting creative expression

We are an international creative residency who welcome artists, writers and musicians from all over the world. Our goal is to help you escape your daily routine for a while and join us in the serene mountain landscape of the Hindu Kush mountains in Pakistan.

The residency is designed for creatives to showcase their authentic voice, practice in solitude, connect with global artists, and form meaningful friendships.
We want this to be a global networking opportunity for the participants


We support people from all over the world to have the freedom to create whatever they want.


We encourage dialogue between cultures to expand global understanding and friendship along with highlighting the local remote culture of Kailash valley in hopes to inspire participants.


We provide a safe, secluded and serene environment for artists and creatives to enjoy a break and create in solitude.

Our Values


Villa Ayun

An eco-friendly and sustainably designed space that serves as a blueprint for promoting sustainable tourism in Pakistan

Villa Ayun is a venture that seeks to promote responsible travel, expand cultural awareness and conserve unique heritage of Pakistan’s north. Villa Ayun was created with the vision to promote immersive eco-tourism and to inspire sustainable practice across Pakistan’s tourism industry.
Sustainability is the guiding principle behind the very philosophy of Villa Ayun. Our goal is to promote the kind of tourism that leaves minimal carbon footprint, thus, we focus on all three pillars of sustainable tourism i.e. economic, social and environmental.


What visitors say about Villa Ayun



Day 1

All the residency participants will meet in Islamabad. Exact location will be emailed to the selected participants. We will collectively take a bus to Villa Ayun in Chitral. Travel time - 8 hours.

Day 2

Opening Reception Breakfast Participants work day
Optional - Mindfullness workshop
Optional - Watercolor Workshop

Day 3

Participants work day
Optional - Meditation Circle
Optional - AR(Augmented Reality) Art Workshop

Day 4

Participants work day
Optional - Mindfullness Workshop
Optional - Narrative Story Writing Workshop

Day 5

Day visit to Kailash Valley

Day 6

Participants work day Bonfire and Closing Exhibition. All participants will get a chance to showcase their work

Day 7

Travel back to Islamabad


Cost and Lodging
3 packages

The residency cost includes:

Solo Stay

180,000 PKR

Double Sharing

140,000 PKR /Person

Triple Sharing

120,000 PKR /Person

Application Details

The residency is open worldwide to visual artists, musicians, and writers.

Applications are currently open for the 2024 summer residency. The deadline to apply is March, 15th 2024, Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the selected participants will be informed on March 31st.

In order to apply, please provide the following:

Artist Statement

Project description

This is the details of the project you would like to work on while at the residency


5 - 10 Artworks, writings, or Music
This will depend on your medium or the medium you chose to focus on while at the residency

Please email your submission to Artescaperesidency@gmail.com

In the subject line you must add your full name and the discipline you are applying for eg. Full Name – Painter Residency Submission

All items should be submitted in a PDF format

Scholarship Program

We are committed to supporting all artists, musicians and writers and encourage you to apply regardless of any financial limitations. We are proud to incorporate a scholarship program which will assist those who need financial support in order to be part of the program 

We believe that everyone has a right to have a space to escape in order to have the freedom to create art

In order to apply for the scholarship, please include this additional element in your submission email:

Why are you applying for the scholarship

What amount do you need a scholarship for in order to attend the residency

Please email your submission to Artescaperesidency@gmail.comYou must also include scholarship in your email subject line. For eg. Full Name – Painter Residency Submission – Scholarship
All items should be submitted in a PDF format

Who we are

Rijaa Nadeem

Artist and Filmmaker

A visual storyteller, Rijaa grew up in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. her journey eventually took her to USA where she recieved her college education in art and filmmaking.

Rijaa has spent over a decade in the world of art and media where she has worked across various platforms. She has created content in the realm of television, film, corporate campaigns, technology and the one consistent theme through it all has been her ability to tell meaningful stories through her work. She is part of numerous mentorship programs and is passionate about guiding others to reach their full potential.

As a thought leader and advocate for freedom of expression, Rijaa’s mission is to bridge the gap between innovation and creativity. She wants to do so by creating a space where creatives can come together and focus on expressing their authentic voice

Aqsa Seth

Writer, Therapist, Mindfulness Facilitator

Aqsa is a writer, a compassionate dreamer, and a believer in possibilities. She enjoyed a successful career working within the development sector before finding her true calling in human connection.

She is a sociologist by education, an entrepreneur by passion, and is a full-time practising therapist with specialisation in humanistic integrative counselling.

Her therapeutic practice is motivated by Jungian archetypes and she uses somatic awareness to align the conscious with the unconscious.

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